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about Covid-19 during pregnancy

What you need to know about Covid-19 during pregnancy

Nowadays, pregnant women have become quite cautious about their health due to coronavirus breakdown. It is highly expected that the majority of the women can experience moderate or mild symptoms of cold, flu, headache, lost sense of taste or smell or shortening of breath and various other symptoms related to Covid-19.

The other severe symptoms quite familiar with older people are pneumonia, and people with weaker immune systems are the worst affected. Although there has been no evidence, it found that pregnant women can also develop the infection and are at risk of severe complications than other healthy individuals.

If any of you have developed the symptoms for Covid-19, then do look for one of the best health service providers in your country and contact the helpline at the earliest. If in case you develop other severe symptoms or if your recovery gets delayed, then there are signs that you ought to develop severe chest infections that may require specialized care.


Pregnant women and Covid-19

According to many experts, the chances are high that?women?s health?can also be affected during pregnancy as her immune system can be vulnerable to respiratory viruses. There can be issues with pregnancy like the effected one can have miscarriage, stillbirth or pregnancy loss, and till now, nothing is confirmed. Do know that high fever during pregnancy first trimester can cause severe congenital disabilities. This is the reason why we are encouraging our patients to protect us from any illness causing fever, flu, etc.

Being proactive is the solution for pregnant women right now, as we do not have any medicine for Covid-19. If you are pregnant, try to take as many precautions as you can to protect yourself from Covid-19 and practice handwashing, social distancing and close contact with other people or providers.

Try not to schedule frequent appointments with the doctors and limit your trips to the gynecologist. Many obstetricians are following the telemedicine processes so that they can monitor their patients regularly and can advise for any issues.

As a pregnant woman if you have developed fever, cough or any respiratory symptoms then do get it screened through Covid-19 and get yourself tested. Try to follow the strict guidelines of the government, and this holds for pregnant women and various other households too. The guidelines are:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • If someone nearby is displaying the symptoms of Covid-19, try avoiding contact with them, and the symptoms include cough and high temperature.
  • Try using a tissue paper or offer people around you, whenever someone sneezes, then discard it in the dustbin and don’t forget to wash your hands.
  • Work from home, if possible.
  • Avoid using public transport for non-essential work.
  • Use online services for payment for essential services.
  • Avoid attending any gatherings with family and friends and keep in touch with them by using remote technology, for example, social media, phone and internet.
  • Visiting public parks, spaces, restaurants and leisure centres is strictly prohibited as the chances of infections are quite high because of large gatherings.


Impact of Coronavirus on Pregnancy:

The government of various countries are trying to ensure that women are cared for and supported during their pregnancy and the childbirth period. The healthcare services are quite stressful due to the pandemic, make sure you have a doctor to attend in an emergency when required.

Maternity services are scheduled in various parts of the country, and coordinate staff is also arranged, so the care is provided whenever needed. The authorities are trying to reduce staff commitments outside the maternity wards and reorganize the team so that every pregnant woman can seek proper care and.

The maternity units are also providing consultations through video or phone when desired to have a look at?women?s health, and they do not need to travel to the hospital unless there is a severe issue. Some visits are required with your family members to have a closer look on the baby’s health and for routine check-ups.

Being a pregnant woman, try to avoid any exposure to Covid-19 and maintain basic hygiene around you. Keep yourself updated with the government guidelines being updated regularly and ensure that you and your child remain safe from the pandemic.