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Visiting a Hair Growth Clinic- Everything You Need to Keep in Mind

The reason behind your hair fall could be anything from alopecia to stress. In a fast-paced world like ours, even pollution and excess sweat from strenuous outdoor jobs could be the reason why you’re losing your hair so rampantly! This is why aesthetic clinics like StMaryMedical believes in a thorough inspection and diagnosis policy rather than following run-off-the-mill solutions for your hair loss.

In order to deduce the best alternatives for your soft and falling hair, we usually recommend patients to book an appointment with us so that we can dive into the depths of the core problem and address the issue accordingly. Now, every hair fall pattern is different, and so are the primary causes behind it. Hence, if you find yourself on the phone booking an appointment to come to visit us- here’s how you can prepare yourself for it-

Get Your Medical Records Straight

Chances are past illnesses, or present medication could stir up a reaction which can be the main reason why you’re experiencing hair loss. Before showing up for your hair loss appointment, make sure to compile all the records from your medical history together so that your doctor can understand your condition better.

Be Prepared to Ask Questions

At our hair regrowth clinic Melbourne, no question goes unanswered. All you have to do is ask our hair experts. If you’re not sure what questions to ask for, let us help. We’ve drafted a few common questions that can help you get to the root of your problems!

  • Is my hair loss temporary or permanent?
  • What is causing this hair loss?
  • Should we follow certain diets/lifestyle changes to reduce hair loss?
  • What do I expect from the treatment?
  • What are the other alternative treatments that I can opt for?

Know What To Expect From Your Hair Growth Clinic

Just like you, your hair and scalp doctor (or Trichologist) too has prepared a set of questions for you. This is to help him/her probe down to the problem. Initial consultations could come with a few prescribed, non-invasive tests. Following this, specific blood tests, scalp biopsy, light microscopy- can be defined based on the initial assessment.

Once your results come in, your doctor can decide on the best action course for you and your hair.

Join Our Holistic Healing Journey

At StMaryMedical, we are more than just a clinic. We employ the best medico-scientific techniques and pair it with an holistic healing approach, making us one of the proud top-notch health clinics in Melbourne. Apart from being a hair growth clinic, we also have dedicated wings for cosmetic laser treatments, professional skincare assistance, antenatal treatment and more. Come be a part of our progressive journey to a happy, healthy you!