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HIFU Skin Tightening

Things you need to know about HIFU

HIFU (alluded to as High-power centred ultrasound) is a nearly new corrective treatment for skin tightening that most of the people consider as a noninvasive – an easy swap for facelifts. It utilizes ultrasound energy to support the creation of collagen, which ends up in firmer skin.

What is HIFU

HIFU is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for skin tightening. In this, we use high powered ultrasound beams. It is a scientifically proven treatment for the tightening and lifting of the skin. However, it is different from the light used in Lasers, IPL, and Radiofrequency. This treatment improves the structure of the deeper skin and known as foundation layers or dermal of the skin. It makes your skin naturally plump, glowing and supple.

HIFU(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is utilized for skin lifting with no intrusive technique. In this, USG gel is greatly applied to the target area before contact between the skin and handpiece.? It is a nonsurgical and safe ultrasound treatment that checks the impact of gravity and time on your skin. It utilizes the body’s own regenerative reaction to bit by bit and delicately lifts skin under the skin, on the shadow and smooth wrinkles and lines on the d?colletage.

How It Works

Working with HIFU is very simple. When a magnifying glass is a place above a leaf then the sun rays intersect beyond the lens. It can also cause the leaf to burn at the point of intersection. If you insert hand near the far-field area of the sun light ?s point of intersection then there would be no harm causing. However, if you place at the point of the intersection you will be quickly burned. The scientific principle at work is the same as those with HIFU. Just as the individual sunray is harmless to the hand and individual sound wave is harmless to the other healthy tissue.

Hifu Treatment

It normally takes a couple of hours (1-4 hrs.) before it begins, you will get an enema for ensuring that your bowels are vacant. You won’t be permitted to drink or eat anything for 6 hours before the operation. You will be medicated with anesthesia and you ought not to feel any inconvenience during the strategy. The doctors will embed a little tube “catheter” through the urethra and into your bladder to gather pee during the strategy.

An ultrasound test will be embedded into your rectum by the specialist. It is a small instrument like the ones which are used for prostate biopsies. The probe might have one or two crystals inside it. Sound waves from crystal bounce back to the computer for taking a picture of the prostate gland. This will help in sending the sound waves. Crystal sends the focused sound waves through the rectal wall inside the gland. MRI may also be used to keep a track of the treatment.

After the treatment is finished and the anesthesia fades off, you can return home. The specialist may leave the catheter inside for seven days, and you should go for a follow-up to take it out.

Pro and Cons of HIFU


  1. Minimally Invasive Procedure

The innovation of HIFU is additionally utilized in prostate cancer treatment.? In HIFU treatment, ultrasound waves absolutely focus on all the specialist characterized focuses without harming any surrounding tissue.

  1. Reduced the Recovery Period

HIFU treatment causing minimal cell damage. Because of this, it causing no blood loss like any other similar trauma. It also allows getting back to your normal schedule in which the recovery period is very fast.

  1. Losing extra body weight very easily

Sometimes, it is frustrating that stubborn fat collects around the waistline.? It does not decrease by any exercise or diet. Therefore, if you want a perfect slim look without any surgery then HIFU Liposonix is the best option for you

  1. Completely Nonsurgical Procedure

Unlike any other surgical procedures which involve surgical risks and downtime, HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) treatment is a completely nonsurgical procedure without any side effects. With a single HIFU session, you can reduce the average about 1-inch waistline or 1 dress.


  • It can take two or three weeks to begin getting results as it requires some investment for your body to make new collagen
  • The full impacts probably won’t be noticeable for 2?3 months
  • Requires repeated medications to accomplish and keep up the best outcomes
  • Some individuals experience slight redness, swelling after HIFU treatment, despite the fact that it ought to vanish rapidly