Best Kept Secret In The Medical Profession What can I say! Dr Dipesh Hapani where have you been "all my life" when I've needed medical attention. What an amazing, incredible, intuitive doctor! I feel so lucky! I feel like I've won the lottery!! Seriously, this doctor is psychic, has superman powers! A miracle worker, a blessing to the medical profession! I cannot find the right words. I need to search the thesaurus dictionary for more complimentary words!! Highly, Highly recommend Dr Dipesh Hapani! I will admit to being hesitate to writing this review reason being is because he is that good that once the word gets out he will be fully booked up for months!! which means I may find myself on the "wait list"! But even if this happens he is worth waiting for!

immy martin

I have seen a lot of doctors over the years with no answer for my condition. Within 5 minutes of seeing Dr Hapani he was able to diagnose me and give me a recovery treatment. The laser treatment provided made such a difference to my life. I feel I am back on track with life and tackling goals one at a time. Great team and service. Wouldn't go anywhere else

Martin Pollock

Dr Hapani is amazing. I have been a smoker for 17 yrs and after 2 sessions with him have not touched a smoke in almost 4 weeks and was so easy to do , no craving , side effects , bad night mares etc. His laser treatment also helped with me not putting on weight after giving up. Cant remember the last time I felt overall well , happy and not stressed about things. He didnt care if you took up more than 10 mins , it was about listening to you and finding solutions where others failed before. I don't think I have ever sat in a Dr waiting room and no one was angry that he was running late and everyone talking so highly of him. I just hope he returns to this practice as it's so hard to find a Dr that looks outside the box , is willing to listen and you can trust.

helen Mckenzie

Am so impressed with Dr Hapani and how his laser treatment has improved my restless legs. I used to suffer every night with this but now, after only 5 treatments, I only get it maybe once or twice a month. He's the first doctor who's really listened seriously and helped me with this complaint. Exceptional.

Terrylea Reynolds

Dr Hapani has been treating me with Laser Acupuncture. I have seen improvements in my health and I am very grateful for his help

Kim-Phuong Pham

My husband has been seeing Dr Hapani for a few months now and we couldn't recommend him highly enough...he has been treating him with laser acupuncture for a few different things and it has helped immensely. Dr Hapani takes the time to get to the root of any issue and won't rest until a result is achieved...he truly has been a godsend!?.

Jenny Mead

I have been recently receiving laser treatment for my anxiety from Dr Dipesh Hapani and it's already working very well . Dr Dipesh takes so much care to understand patient's problems and his laser treatment has so much improved my life.I am sleeping very well and my anxiety levels are reduced and living an improved life.The Staff too at the medical centre are friendly and helpful too.Dr Hapanis diagnosis and treatment plan has really put me on the right track of life

Gopi G

I went to see the doctor to get a sick certificate.Dr hapeni is an absolute miracle.worker. I had suffered with a few different types.of conditions and within 4 treatments of his laser treatment i feel like a new person.I spent 10 years trying all sorts of things to help. I cannot thank him enough.

Tim Orr

Dr Hapani is a miracle worker! After going through ivf for over 2 years with no success and a lot of heartache we have fallen pregnant naturally after only 6 months of seeing Dr Hapani! He is the first dr that looked out side of the box and found the reason why we weren?t falling pregnant that along with the laser treatments we are now 7 weeks pregnant and are forever greatful! Best dr ever!!

Alicia Wilson

So grateful I met Dr Hapani.and how his laser treatment has improved my sleeplessness and hayfever, my shoulder pain and my back pain. I have seen improvemnts in my health and I am very grateful for his help. He's the first doctor who's really listened seriously and helped me with this complaint.

Ngoc Lucky

I have been seeing Dr hapani for around 6 months now and been getting laser treatment for hitting my nails and after two treatments i have stopped bitting my nails and i think it was the best thing I ever did I really think anyone with the same problem should see him as it works and he is such a great doctor.

matthew eddy

I saw Dr Hapani several months ago relating to my severe sleep issues. He suggested laser acupuncture. Prior to this, I had been diagnosed with Narcolepsy without Cataplexy. I was unable to sleep until around 2am every morning and fell asleep uncontrollably all throughout the day. I had no energy and very low mood. This had been a problem for approximately 25 years. After the first two sessions, I started falling asleep easily at around 10pm and waking at 6am with heaps of energy, and was able to come off all of my narcolepsy stimulant medications. My sleep is still regulated and now, 6 months later, I am no longer taking any medications for narcolepsy and have a regular sleep cycle with normal energy levels during the day and no sleep attacks. I have also noticed a decrease in depression and anxiety, resolution of IBS symptoms and daily headaches since starting acupuncture. Lately Dr Hapani has been helping me with resolving emotional eating and food cravings which I am finding is improving. I would definitely recommend Dr Hapani and laser acupuncture to anyone!

Jessica Spencer

So grateful I met Dr Hapani. He is surely the best doctor I have been to ever! His compassionate, caring and generally wants wellbeing for others. His laser treatment have done wonders for me in many areas and aspects of my life. It has extremely helped with my stressed levels, my smoking addiction, and just my general health and wellbeing. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to visit doctor Hapani for laser treatment!

Ri Ta

Dr Dipesh Hapani who has been treating me for a medical condition with the low level laser therapy which is improving my health. And the treatment is pain and drug free! Dr Dipesh Hapani will take the time to listen to his patients with respect and professionalism which is a rare find these days.

Anne B

I am fortunate to meet a good GP Dr Dinesh Hapani and am currently undergoing low level laser therapy and see amazing results with panic disorder and general anxiety and I could see the difference after two rounds of treatment. He is a good doctor and extremely thorough and knowledgeable and am very happy with all my consultation

Krithi K

I went for auriculotherapy treatment which was very successful. Thank you Dr Hapani

Kathy Barry

First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr Dipesh Hapani for making me feel so much better. You take the time to listen and make your patients feel valued and respected. You have a lovely combination of professionalism and caring and I appreciate it very much. For years I have suffered from chronic sinusitis. I have been prescribed and taken every available spray and tablet which only gave me some temporary relief. I have had five laser acupuncture treatments from Dr Hapani and the results have been staggering. No more constant headaches, sore throat and runny nose! Dr Hapani thank you for being my Doctor! I have great confidence in you and your abilities.

Alison Polkinghorne

Wonderful medical practice with professional caring staff,especially Dr Dipesh Hapuni who has cured my insomnia with laser therapy,just an incredible result after a few treatments...something I thought would be impossible to achieve.

Amanda Hutchings

I am very grateful i'm seeing a very good doctor (Dr. Dipesh Hapani). I'm very glad i found him after seeing a couple of GPs. He gave time to talk/communicate and not in a rush, if i'm not mistaken he's one of very few GPs in Australia doing Laser Acupuncture, it does improve my sleep. Most of all, available on weekends and bulkbills.

Levi Baguio

I am very fortunate to have encountered Dr Hapani at the Hyperdome Medical Centre. He is thorough and seems to instinctively know what course of action is required. With the right investigation, a condition that has been missed by many doctors over possibly many years was uncovered. Dr Hapani also administered Laser acupuncture to treat anxiety that I have lived with most if not all of my life. I can honestly report that my focus has more clarity and unexpectedly my energy has improved. Maybe my body works more efficiently with less interfering fearful thoughts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Hapani.

Cath B

Dr Hapani is one of the best GP's I've seen for years!! He is thorough, kind and helpful and a wonderful addition to GP's in Canberra. His laser accupunture has helped me so much in my life.. the first time I saw him I was a wreck.. though with just a couple of sessions I felt no anxiety/started sleeping better/and in general am just a happier person.. after the first session various emotional blockages were released from my subconscious mind which was amazing..that magic pen is wonderful!! Thanks Dr Hapani!! I have been telling everyone I know about this wonderful laser accupunture!!

christine aoun

I have been visiting dr hapani for a few months now and I have to say he is a blessing to my whole family. My son has been having issues for the past 8 years with various things. Dr hapani gave us answers and put us on track to get him the help and diagnosis he needed. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I have been seeing dr hapani for laser therapy treatment. At first I was apprehensive but after a couple of sessions I am on half dose of my anxiety and depression tablets (which I have relied on for the last nearly 10 years) to soon be able to fully stop. My head is clear I am not having panic attacks I am sleeping better. It has truly been an amazing experience for me . I also getting laser to clear my si sinus and it's actually working I am no longer snoring or constantly sniffing. Bring on spring of no constant worry about hayfever. Can not praise his proffesionalism attention to detail and amazing knowledge more. I have referred so many of my friends and family to see him and we all agree he is the best of the best

Kirsty Smit

Great place , Dr Hapani covers extensive problems, have been doing laser therapy to stop smoking, happy with the therapy it has worked, been a smoker for over 20 years . I can say I am a non smoker for 2 months now , no weight gain.

Anna Dowling

Exceptional doctors and service. Dr Dipesh Hapani uses laser for weight loss, giving up smoking, depression, joint issues, snoring and sinus headaches. He is very knowledgeable and after one laser accuprpressure my 4 day sinus headache ceased the next day. This doctor is caring, listens is, empathetic and treated me on the day of my appointment. Cannot recommend this valuable GP enough.

Desleigh Barry

I went to Dr Hapani with a suite of very complex medical issues around 4 weeks ago. I had experienced severe fatigue for around 18 years, when in 2012 I underwent a battery of sleep tests that led to a diagnosis of a rare sleep disorder, Narcolepsy. I never quite fit neatly into this diagnosis, however it was the closest answer they had for me. I spent the last 6 years on high dosages of stimulant medication to keep me awake during the day. I had a very dysregulated sleep schedule, and I would usually not sleep until 2am, then wake at 7am for work, falling asleep during the day and having scheduled naps and long weekend sleep ins (sometimes for up to 24 hours). Because I was so tired all the time, I couldn?t stay on top of my housework, my sick leave was continually depleted and my social life suffered because I couldn?t make plans in advance in fear of being too tired to ?act happy? when the time came to see my friends. I also had a long history of severe depression and anxiety. I would need to change antidepressants every 6 or so months as it would stop working and I would relapse into depression. Because my depression was treatment-resistant, I also took a mood stabiliser that they usually prescribe to people with severe psychological conditions like Bipolar Disorder. I was on 6 daily medications for Narcolepsy, major depressive disorder and severe anxiety. When I went to see Dr Hapani, I only wanted a sick certificate as my depression had returned and I was feeling suicidal. The night before I had gone to sleep at 5am and woken at 8am to go to work. He suggested I try laser acupuncture for my sleep, mood and anxiety. I didn?t have much faith in it to be honest but was willing to try anything ? I couldn?t live like that any longer. When he performed the laser acupuncture, I felt very sleepy and relaxed. That night I went to sleep at 1am and woke at 7. I noticed that I had much more energy than usual, so I didn?t take any stimulant medications. I thought for sure this was a coincidence ? I was just having a good day. The next night, I went to sleep easily at 11pm. I woke at 5.30am with more energy and in a better mood than I had been in years. Again, I didn?t take any stimulant medication that day. On the third night, I went to sleep at 10pm and woke at 6. Again, I had more energy and felt well rested. You have to understand that having one good day like this I considered a blessing. Two good days in a row was a miracle, but 3 good days in a row was unheard of. It has now been a month since the first treatment (with 3 subsequent weekly sessions) and there has only been one day where I felt I needed to take any stimulants for Narcolepsy. My sleep has regulated and my anxiety has almost gone completely. I have weaned off ALL OF MY MEDICATIONS for depression and anxiety. My mood is more stable and I am able to keep up at work, I don?t nap during the day, and I feel well rested in the morning. I would never have guessed laser acupuncture would do anything ? let alone pretty much cure what has been a debilitating, complex, lifelong mess of conditions. I am forever grateful for Dr Hapani and his magic little laser pen!!! He has seriously changed my life overnight in ways that western medicine was unsuccessful in doing for almost 2 decades