Workplace Vaccination

( Fluvax $ 20 .00 per injection )

For your convenience we can also provide a vaccination service given onsite at your place of work.

This service will mainly provide annual influenza vaccination, however at request other workplace vaccinations can be given.

We will organise everything for you, including consent forms, booking arrangements, ensuring a high standard of care with the latest vaccines and excellent customer service.

Alternatively we can arrange for your employees to be seen at St Mary Medical Centre for their vaccinations in a lunch time vaccination clinic or time suitable for you.

Vaccination for Healthcare Workers in Melbourne

The healthcare department is one such which is always there to help you in every way. They are at your service 24/7 which make them exposed to different kind of serious health problems and diseases. They are the one who get in contact with each and every patient directly to provide them with the best solution as well as handle materials which can spread infections.

Let us Protect the team which protect us from various Health Problems

St. Mary Medical Centre in Melbourne provides vaccination for healthcare workers to provide them with the best support on time. These vaccinations are protective measures to keep an individual safe and away from any kind of diseases that can cause risk for their life. The healthcare workers whom we help with vaccination includes Doctors, nurses, dental surgeons, students in medical, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, hospital volunteers, administrative department, nursing department and emergency medical persons.

Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare workers in Melbourne, Australia

The different kind of vaccinations we offer includes Hepatitis B, Flu vaccine for Influenza A and B, MMR, Tetanus and so on. Our Health Specialist will do a detailed checkup and accordingly advice on which is the best vaccination to be taken as the dosage and vaccine differs from person to person. It is important for the healthcare department to do a regular checkup done for their health at least once a year. This will not only help them in staying healthy but at the same time enable them in serving the nation in the best manner.

All our medical equipment’s are serialized and sanitized regularly. Our main motto is to offer the best medical service to our customers in Australia as per their needs and demands. We also make use of the latest technology and equipment’s to offer the best solution. You can get in touch with our expert team to book an appointment with the Health Specialist.