PRP Treatment

PRP for Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne

Cutting-edge rejuvenation treatment

For men and women who are suffering from thinning hair PRP therapy is a good treatment. PRP ((platelet rich plasma therapy) which is also known as vampire facelift is an advanced treatment. This treatment mainly consists of three steps medical treatment in which the patient’s blood is drawn, processed and then slowly injected into the scalp of the hair.  Our center is a leading PRP Melbourne Center.

This quick treatment at our leading PRP Melbourne Center is done within the period of 20 to 30 minutes. Firstly, some amount of blood is taken from the patient who wants to undergo the treatment and kept in a sterile tube. Then the blood is spun down to separate different components which takes within 8 to 10min.  St Mary Medical Center is the best option you have for PRP hair treatment Melbourne.

The red and white blood cells are divided and then the separated palates are activated with required amount of calcium chloride to release more growth factors. Then finally local anesthesia is given and the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the appropriate area with tiny needles.  Our center is the first choice for PRP treatment for hair in Melbourne.

If you or any of your friends want to undergo PRP treatment in Melbourne, then kindly approach St. Mary Medical Center in Greensborough, a leading center for PRP Melbourne. We have the best surgeons in India who are not only certified, but also carry years of experience in this field.  You would not find better options for PRP treatment Melbourne.

At St Mary Medical Center, a leading center for prp hair treatment Melbourne, we firstly examine the customer and understand the kind of trouble they are going through or the type of treatment they desire to have; accordingly, the necessary solution is offered. For us, client satisfaction and happiness is more important, hence we see to it that each and every guest who visit our clinic is treated well.  No wonder, we are the chosen PRP treatment for hair in Melbourne.