Laser Pain Management Melbourne

FDA and TGA Approved Laser Treatment is pain free, non-surgical approach works by stimulating the body’s natural healing process providing pain relief and repairing injured tissues. It’s a remarkable new method used for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions to accelerate the healing process. It is an effective alternative to surgery and does not require the use of drugs and has no side effects.

Used For bursitis, tendonitis, chronic lower back pain, arthritis, plantar fasctits, carpal tunnel syndrome and TM Joint dysfunction. In St. Mary Medical Centre we use a combination of class 3B and powerful class 4 Peak lasers which can treat a variety of acute and chronic pain disorders.

Laser pain management in Melbourne is a new and effective way to treat inflammation in acute, persistent and chronic conditions. Laser treatment as aforementioned is pain free but its main benefit is that it will start the healing process for a variety of injuries and conditions. Thus, this treatment is customizable to the patient’s condition. At St. Mary Medical Centre a leading pain management clinic in Melbourne for this treatment, we recommend that patients begin as soon as the condition is identified because it will have the fastest recovery and best results in the long run. Patients will usually see results within 1-2 treatments, but it is best to discuss and maintain a treatment plan with the medical practitioner conducting the therapy.

Types of Laser Pain Management

There are two types of lasers that St. Mary Medical Centre are qualified to perform class 3b and class 4. Class 3 is commonly referred to as high powered laser therapy where the lasers are less than 500mw. Class 4 is commonly referred to as low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy because the lasers are greater than 500mw and more dispersed. This type of therapy reduces the pain by eliminating a pain chemical naturally produced called bradykinin and releasing endorphins to improve mood and help cellular regeneration. Additionally, this therapy increases white blood cell activity and will widen veins and arteries to help remove debris which may be causing the patient’s pain.

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