IV Drip

The Intravenous fluids are the fastest way to deliver fluids and certain medications. If you need to replace fluid volume within your body an IV drip is inserted directly into your circulatory system and routinely pumps fluid into your veins. At St. Mary Medical Centre, we have registered nurses and trained practitioners on site to assist in providing an IV drip for patients.

To administer an IV drip a medical professional must insert a needle and catheter into an obvious vein. The needle is then removed and the catheter is taped to the patient, and this is when fluids will begin to be administered freely. The idea of an IV drip is not to force fluids into a patient’s body but to instead let gravity and the bodily functions administered as the body needs it.

More traditionally, an IV is used to help patients receive fluids and medication, help perform blood transfusions and assist the digestive system. This is because the IV drip is one of the most effective ways to administer fluids into a person?s body without force and rejection from internal organs.

In more recent times, an IV drip has become a voluntary practice for patients who are wishing to recover from dehydration, hangovers, food poisoning and jet lag. This is because an IV drip will replace fluids and help flush out any unwanted and foreign substances that may be in a patients body. While this is now a somewhat common practice it is important to seek a medical professional to administer an IV drip because they will follow all sanitation procedures and health and safety regulations to ensure the best treatment.