IPL laser treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser treatments are used to treat skin conditions and remove wrinkles and spots. IPL is a monochromatic single laser beam that targets cells to selectively damage and repair with new cells created. At St Mary?s Medical Centre, we have an in-house skin care clinic that are able to provide patients with IPL Laser treatments for all possible uses. It can be used for hair removal, treating Rosacea and vascular lesions,pigmentation and acne scars.

Intense Pulsated Light Therapy is a cosmetic procedure that will improve the colour and texture of the skin without surgery. This procedure has been developed over a number of years is considered medically safe and practiced. One of the main reasons is because it is non-invasive, painless, non ablative and uses high intensity lights that penetrate deeper than lasers.

At St Mary?s Medical Centre we recommend patients undergo consultation before treatment to assess their general health, skin conditions that may be present and review their diet and medication that they may be on. This is to ensure that IPL Therapy is a procedure that is right for you as IPL can sometimes not be as accurate with certain skin types and pigmentations and may cause skin reactions if the patient is on certain medications.

Treatments are generally half an hour long but this will depend on the area being treated. Additionally patients should undergo 3-6 treatments over 6 months to obtain the best results.

Difference between IPL and Laser

There are 3 main differences between IPL and Laser Therapies

  1. IPL is more scattered causing less damage to skin cells
  2. IPL penetrates the dermis, where is laser therapies generally only penetrate the epidermis.
  3. The pigment cell will absorb the light energy and react accordingly.