Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Medical Experts for Chronic Diseases Treatment and Management in Melbourne

St Mary Medical Centre has experienced General Practitioners to manage chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic lung disease, diabetes, arthritis and depression. They are aware of the currently available management guidelines and Care Plans offered by the Government to assist in these areas.

Referrals to Allied Health Practitioners can be arranged to improve health care.

The availability of on-site Pathology and Computer based recall systems enhance our experienced Doctors? ability to manage any chronic disease.

We help you head a healthy life

Today due to work pressure and various other reasons most of the people are going through some or the health issues. This is also due to limited activities in our daily life. Most of the people these days are prone to various health problems like heart problems, cancer, blood pressure and diabetes. This not only takes away their freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle but also puts limitation in their food habits.

It is very important to have a health checkup done at the primary stage and take the necessary precautions to have a safe and sound life. More than 15% of the people in Australia are prey to Chronic Diseases due to various reasons.

with St. Mary Medical Centre in Melbourne offers chronic disease management services with the help of the best health experts in Australia and support our customers at the best with the right solution for any kind of chronic disease.

In the last one year, the graph rate of chronic diseases has increased at a large scale. These kinds of health problems are mainly seen in people who are exposed to tobacco or secondhand smoke. Poor food habits or lack of physical activities also lead to chronic diseases.

Take Expert Advice from with St. Mary Medical Centre chronic disease management Center

Our clinic in Melbourne is associated with some of the best doctors who can provide the best treatment for chronic lung disease treatment. It is important to eat healthy, get regular exercise, get your health checked regularly, have enough sleep to treat Chronic Diseases naturally. One can take an appointment with Chronic Disease Specialist to understand the kind of health care they need to take during such situations.