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Body Sculpting Clinic in Melbourne

Get into the shape you always wanted to be in by getting rid of all the extra fatty cells which are destroying the authentic look of your body. St’ Mary Medical Clinic is here to offer you the best body contouring treatment in Australia, which can bring back the original shape of your body within a period. Today one can find different kinds of treatment which are used to remove the extra fats that get accumulated over the body. However, Body Sculpting treatment is a non-Surgical procedure which helps you get the perfect results. This treatment is quite effective and typically can destroy all the fat cells without any kind of surgical process.

Sculpture fat removal to bring you back in Shape

St’ Mary Medical Center offer ems body sculpting which helps in reshaping the abdomen, thighs, bottom as well as the loose upper arms. The number of sessions depends upon the total number of area you would like to cover during the non-surgical body contouring. During this process, a large number of extra fats are removed from the body, and hence it takes quite a long time for fats to generate again in those areas.

Heat Treatment or SculpSure

We also make use of SculpSure body contouring which is also known as heat treatment. This procedure mainly involves laser therapy. The penetration of heat is quite deep, which destroy the fatty cells in the body. The laser penetration is passed over the body area from where the fat cells need to be removed. The cold and hot treatments offered by St’Mary Medical Center involves less pain but a slight burning sensation during the procedure. The overall emsculpt body sculpting treatment goes for around 25 to 30minutes time. Once the treatment is completed, the burning sensation also stops. There is no anesthesia or downtime for this treatment. There usually are 4 to 5 sessions for the treatment.

Before choosing a sculpture body contouring, it is essential to have a discussion with your doctor and understand the overall procedure. St’ Mary Medical Center is one among the leading Body Sculpting Clinics in Australia with the best specialists who will advise on how to go about the whole treatment. If you are going through any kind of health or skin problem, it is essential to discuss the same with our specialist. They will give let you know if you can go ahead with the treatment or not.



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