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Antenatal Care- Preparing You Better For Your Pregnancy

The little life growing inside you is precious and delicate at the same time. From growing inside of you to growing under your care and nurture, from a fetus to an infant, and then a toddler- your tiny tot’s whole health and care revolves around you and just you! At a time like this, periodical visits to the OB-GYN is not just enough. What you need right now is an iron-clad care routine that involves prominent antenatal care and quite possibly a list of all the best children’s clinic in your area (for the near future)

Antenatal Classes / Sessions

Now you must be wondering why regular visits to your gynecologist is not enough? We have to break down prenatal or antenatal care in-depth to answer this question for you. While regular doctor visits ensures you and your baby are at the pink of your health, a prenatal or antenatal care session goes beyond the basics of health and looks deeper into the happiness part.

Here’s the basics that we usually cover in our antenatal care classes

Your feelings- Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of hormones and emotions and its important that new mommies address these emotional fluctuations the best way possible. Antenatal care talks about your excitement, fear, anxiety, and more- basically the feelings that mother-to-bes associate with.
Labor care- We all know the process of giving birth is not a bed of roses. From considering complications to taking preventative measures, your antenatal care will cover everything that you need to know about labor and what to expect during the process.
Post-pregnancy planning- The pregnancy process will be smooth, now that we are here with our antenatal care, but what about your life after? From sorting out children’s clinic to stepping into motherhood with new feelings- you can discuss anything and everything in your antenatal sessions.

The St. Mary Experience

Now there’s much more to antenatal care than what we explained here. The scope is much more expanded and to know about the full spectrum of this care services, you need to drop by our aesthetic medical center in Melbourne.