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A Brief Guide To Body Sculpting Treatment

Body sculpting treatment is a medical procedure that involves destroying fat cells with the help of extreme temperatures, sonic vibrations, or acid injections. Mostly, it is a non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects. The treatment is meant for those body areas that are not getting in shape despite regular work-out and adequate diet.

The highlight of this treatment is that it involves no downtime. Notably, this procedure destroys fat cells for good. While different devices might be used, they all work on essentially the same logic. The idea is to kill fat cells and then filter them out of the body.

Different types of body sculpting treatments

The first technique is to freeze the fat cells to the extent that they die. However, the temperature must be carefully controlled not to damage your skin. It is known as cold treatment. How it works is that a machine will pull a portion of your skin with the help of suction. That part of your skin will be cooled down to destroy the fat underneath. The process will go on for a specified length of time.

Another technique is heat treatment. It is a laser-based procedure that uses laser energy to damage the structural integrity of fat cells. Later on, they are disposed of by the body. However, this procedure is not effective on those parts of the body that are curved. It works best on the stomach and thighs.

Fat cells can also be destroyed with the help of ultrasound energy. The highlight of ultrasound treatment is that it is the most time-intensive procedure. It takes one hour per session, while other techniques can take several hours. Also, ultrasound treatment, unlike other treatments, does not involve hooking the patient up to a machine. Instead, a device is manually moved around the target area of the body.

The last type of body sculpting treatment is done with the help of radiofrequency energy. The idea is to use radiofrequency energy to generate heat and target the water present in fat cells. Therefore, it is essential to hydrate yourself before this treatment. It won’t have an effect if you are already dehydrated.

However, remember, the type of treatment doesn’t matter. What matters is how good your skin specialist is. You will find the best skin specialists in Melbourne at St. Mary Medical Centre.

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